Jon Pierre Gee  ( born May 14th Greenwood, MS) is an example of an old school artist who has stayed current while remaining true to the heart, soul and messages of  classic,gospel, jazz,blues,he was born listening to. The inspirational  50,60’s Soul, R&B,Rock n Roll, Country, Classical,Latin,Popular Standards, Big Band singers and 70″s funk, he grew from in his beginnings as a performer have been integral  to the musical and  business knowledge and wisdom he has gain. As a matured lover of today’s Hip Hop culture, old school Rap,Middle Eastern music, Philosophy and world music it  has captivated and excited him more to music’s astounding power to motivate and change the possibilities.

His mother’s influence was natural Elizabeth Mayfield-Gee affectionately called “Lennie B” by family, sang gospel aka Mahalia Jackson,The Loving Sisters,James Cleveland & The Caravans, as a child he would wake up every morning hearing her singing and playing this motivating, inspiring  gospel music, unless she was in and out of love in which case it would be a blues morning. Like her relative before her”Poet of the Blues “artist Percy Mayfield composer of the hit song “Hit the Road Jack “for Ray Charles . Jon’s father Perry Gee loved the blues, for good reason, Bessie Smith known  as “The World’s Greatest Blues Singer”  was married to Jack Gee in 1923 Perry’s cousin. This heritage insured music would run like blood in the Gee/Mayfield  family, a tradition  that not only  passed  thru Jon Pierre,but to his children, and there children, daughter Aisha  now performs with AhvantSoul and on occasion his Grandson does too.

Jon is comfortable singing Blues, Jazz Standards, Soul, Rock and R&B  stylistically an lyrically, seamlessly integrating, new  musical ideas that reflect the evolutionary fluidity of  African-American music, it shows  in his performances and his business “Kandi Entertainment Corp” which manages and producing hip hop/rap,today’s R&b, gospel,Jazz,blues and rock artists today.   Over forty years from the days when Jon performed with such artists  that changed music as James Brown,Ike and Tina Turner,Toots and the Maytels,Al Green, The Temptations,B.B.King, drummer  Aynsley Dunbar and Bob Marley he is still viable and growing. Artists that start with a style an stay there  as music changes over the years are called Classic singers or Vocal stylists. Jon Pierre Gee employs the same singing techniques and has  introduced an converted 100,00’s new fans around the world by performing on the many musical roads Black music has taken  Gospel,blues, jazz ,Pop standards, Soul,Country, R&B and Rock n’Roll. His passion is to promote the value, history and pride of our indigenous music, an recognition for the many musical changes,styles and cultures it has influenced in America. Its important our new generation of children know that this music, from the soul of my African and American people changed the world over the last 85 years.

Ahvantsoul f/Kat Webb are the new messengers of this musical vision,institution,innovating and inspiring,  “While I was touring with Motown’s Jr. Walkers All Star Band as their lead singer,performing the classics hits of Jr. Walker who passed in 1995. I had the idea for AhVantSoul.A group uniquely talented from the past, before (Ahvant) that would unite our (Soul)  musically.”

…In case you didn’t know:

Kat Webb and Jon Pierre Gee began performing together in 1988 “Jon Pierre Gee & Touch  their 1995 CD “The Time is Now”  was released on the Kandi label (Kandi Music debut 1985 with the 45 rpm record “So Good to Me” by  Jon Pierre Gee)  went into business together in 1989 Kandi International Inc. Kat Webb Singer,Designer,Songwriter, and Entrepreneur, for over 20 years she has been one of the founders of many KANDI innovations, and has been providing quality of service, time,talent and creative spirit  to AhvantSoul and as VP Kandi in marketing and finance.

So I welcome all of you to a one of a kind band site, the best and original  ….Jon Pierre Gee & Ahavntsoul f/Kat Webb  “Musical Exodus” The new CD.  (c) 2005 Kandi  Music